Release date:2021/9/26 15:02:41
We report a new facile light-induced strategy to disperse micron-sized aggregated bulk covalent organic frameworks (COFs) into isolated
COFs nanoparticles. This was achieved by a series of metal-coordinated COFs, namely COF-909-Cu, -Co or -Fe, where for the fifirst time the
diffusio-phoretic propulsion was utilized to design COF-based micro/nanomotors. The mechanism studies revealed that the metal ions decorated
in the COF-909 backbone could promote the separation of electron and holes and trigger the production of suffificient ionic and reactive oxygen
species under visible light irradiation. In this way, strong light-induced self-diffusiophoretic effect is achieved, resulting in good dispersion of
COFs. Among them, COF-909-Fe showed the highest dispersion performance, along with a drastic decrease in particle size from 5 mm to
500 nm, within only 30 min light irradiation, which is inaccessible by using traditional magnetic stirring or ultrasonication methods. More
importantly, benefifiting from the outstanding dispersion effificiency, COF-909-Fe micro/nanomotors were demonstrated to be effificient in pho
tocatalytic degradation of tetracycline, about 8 times faster than using traditional magnetic stirring method. This work opens up a new avenue to
prepare isolated nanosized COFs in a high-fast, simple, and green manner.
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